How to Personalize your Gift Box

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How to Personalize your Gift Box
To personalize your gift

How to Personalize your Gift Box


Welcome to Cool gift box dot com: Personalizing your gift boxes. In this video we will go through a step by step process in how to create your own personalized gift box. To start, having an idea of what specific style or occasion you are making this box for may help you with the design process. At the top of the page, we have several categories to choose from, you can either click on one of the following categories, or you can click on the "Click here" button to start. We will now click on the "Click Here" button, which will take us to Step 1: The design of the box.

In Step 1, you have an option to create a background for your box. On the left-hand side as you see, we have all of our background selections listed, on the right hand side is the layout of our box, and these over here are the fold lines where the box is going to be folded. You have options of leaving the fold lines on or taking it out depending on your preference. For the purpose of this demonstration we will leave them on. You may want to choose a background for a specific occasion such as Valentine's Day, or a specific colour scheme that you may prefer, or if your image is too small, it may be a good idea to have it as a cut-out within the background. The design will cover the whole entire layout of the box, as you can see. If you would like to change the background, you can click on another background design of your choice, and it will automatically change it for you, as you can see. However, if you would like to remove your selected background, you can click on the "Blank Background" button, which will then remove the background for you, like this. Once you are satisfied with the background of your choice, you may press the "Continue" button which will take you to

Step 2: Add an Image. If you do not wish to have a background design and your image is big enough to cover the whole entire box, you have the option of skipping this step, by pressing the "Continue" button to Add an Image. To upload your image, we will begin by clicking the "Browse" button, which will allow you to select an image from your own computer. supports the following file types: jpg, jpeg, gif, and tiff. The minimum file size for the image must be 100kb, and the maximum must be no more than 12mb. Once you have chosen your image, the file name will appear in the Browse box, if you are certain of your image choice, you can now click on the "Upload" button, which will then upload your image of choice into the layout of the box. This may take a few moments to load. You also have the option of uploading more than one image onto your box layout. This will be demonstrated in later videos. Once you have your image in the diagram box, you can now start editing your image. To start this process, the first thing we will do is click on the image. The image will then be selected and a red boarder will appear. As you can see our image is horizontal and needs to be rotated to a vertical position. By clicking the "clockwise rotate" button, we can easily adjust the image to its proper position. The rotate button may be clicked several times as required, because it moves by 45 degrees at each click. You can use your mouse to drag your image to wherever you would like within the layout of box. You also have the option of moving your image using the arrows on your keyboard, or using the keypad available to you here. As well, you can use the alignment buttons to align your image to left, right, top and bottom of your box. The centre button here will position the image in the centre of your box. For the purpose of this demonstration, we will keep the image in the middle. To change the size of your image you can press these buttons over here. You do not have to align your image first, if you would like, you can always change the size of your image prior to positioning your image in the box layout. Once your size has been fixed, you can reposition your image to best fit your box, so that it does not get caught in the folds of your box. You may now wish to press "Continue" to move on to

Step 3: Add Text Here on your left hand side is where you have your text box, where you can add one line or multiple lines of text to your box. Once you have your text ready, click on Update to proceed. Once your text appears on the box you can either click on the text itself or on the Continue button to change your font, colour, or position of your text. If you decide that you would like to change wording of your text you must click either the "edit text" button or the "Back" button to do so. If you are satisfied with your text, image and background you can now click on preview a virtual image of your gift box. This will take a few moments. You may now click Add to Cart, which will take you to your shopping cart and checkout.

This concludes our video demonstration. We hope that it has helped you to create a wonderful personalized gift to your loved one. We would love to hear from you, if you have any further questions or comments, please feel free to either email us at, or give us a call at 1.877.583.3216.

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