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with a chocolate gift box!

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Read What Others Are Saying

We were looking for something really simple for my mother's birthday. We had run out of ideas
and couldn't think of anything else to buy her that she didn't already have.
Putting a picture of her grandkids on a chocolate box, was perfect. It's been months,
and she still has the box on display :)
- Amanda Miller

The chocolates are delicious, best personalized gift ever!
- Kevin Chen

Giving out chocolate boxes during christmas, was a great way of promoting myself as a real estate agent.
All my clients and business associates got one, they loved the chocolate treat, and love have
all my business info right on the box.
- Renata Foigel

Instead of the traditional bridal party gifts, we decided to give
them chocolate boxes with pictures of the party on it.
Everyone loved it, am so happy with our choices for gifts!
- Angelina Bakman

Had fun creating the box. It was actually quite simple to make and didn't take much time,
i'm really happy with results and the chocolates are really yummy too!
- Helen M.

After making my first box, i was on a roll, just finished making my 5th one,
people really appreciate the time that you take to make something special for them :)
- Alicia Florina

Thanks so much for an excellent gift idea. Could not have
thought of a better gift to give.
- Francesca B.

Honestly there is like a million online personalized gift sites. I recommended this site
to several of my friends because it is so reliable, affordable and because the gift itself is well worth it.
- Sabrina S.

Just got my box, and it is absolutely perfect. it is exactly what i wanted and am so happy
with myself for ordering it from this website!
-Vanessa Mackay

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